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Version 0.2 is out

This is the last release compatible with gnome 1.0. It is not stable really either.
I will be moving to gnome 1.2 in order to use new and nifty widgets like gtkhtml, bonobo....

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What is GMatH?

GmatH is a FOR NOW gnome interface to the powerful Numerical Python extensions to Python.

It has been completely written in Python using the Gnome-Python bindings by James Henstridge.

For now, GmatH is nothing more than a nice interface to all those tools. However, I have started adding data visualization tools. These are very early (alpha) tools. GmatH supports only points plotting.

The original goal of GMatH (not yet implemented) is to interface with most popular mathematical tools out there. I think of many different things depending on my mood and what happens to be the cool thing at the moment. To explain a bit about GMatH, I have posted to Sourceforge the following description:

GMatH is not and will not be another, reiventing the wheel, mathematical tool!
The idea of GMatH was born when I needed mathematical tools, found many and sometimes none. Some of those tools do data visualization, other do symbolic computations, numerical analysis....
Some are more complete than others, many have poor user interfaces, eg: compared to Mathematica (TM).
The idea was then to create a central GUI for all those tools. Mind you, not everything in the internet will be supported! But I think that the most solid and most popular tools should be.
Thus GMatH came into existence.
Until now, I have focused on supporting a Numerical Python Session, because I like it and because Python (GMatH basic coding language) is easy to use and extend. But the real plan is to get other tool writers to start interfacing with GMatH.
Ideally, I'd like users to start GMatH and then start any amount of different sessions, each being a different tool or 10 copies of the same - I don't really care!
As an example, starting from 0.2 version, I will implement some sort of client/server architecture that would allow me to have a Numerical Python session, and a Piddle (powerful data plotting) session.
Finally, the emphasis is on ease of use, eye-candy GUI, easy and fast access to docs.
The basic GMatH component will be implemented (by 0.2 using GnomeMDI, which allows using multiple documents each with their own menus, toolbars, help files... It also allows the customization of the main window (the sessionless one) so that different sessions (really applications) can show as different windows, notebook pages and so on!
So if you think it is interesting, I'll invite you to join this project and help it become reality: providing a central tool for most popular and powerful Linux math tools!


Shot Taken 2000/06/06

Screen shot #2 - 2000/06/06